Dead to Me is a brilliant new dark Netflix Comedy series created by Liz Feldman. The series stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as Jen and Judy who become friends against all odds. It’s beautiful, problematic and very funny! Read our Season 1 Review here…

Dead to Me is the new dark Netflix Comedy series that everyone started talking about as soon as it was released on the streaming platform. Especially due to the brilliant portrayals by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

Season 1 of Dead to Me (there is bound to be a season 2) consists of just 10 half-hour episodes, so it’s a quick binge-watch. And once you begin, you will not want to stop watching this gem.

Read more about Dead to Me in this spoiler-free review.

The cast of the new Netflix comedy series

You absolutely must watch Dead to Me if you like comedy and strong women. And honestly, even if you don’t care for comedy, then watch it for the strong women. They are so worth it. Besides, it’s more of a drama-comedy anyway.

The two main reasons, for giving the Netflix series a shot, are Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. I’ve always adored both, but this brings my adoration of them to a whole new level.

Christina Applegate has been a favorite of mine back since Married with Children. And really, I can’t think of anything where I didn’t at least like her performance. Linda Cardellini is on a roll these years. From co-starring in the Netflix series Bloodline to starring in the latest movie in The Conjuring franchise, The Curse of La Llorona.

Also, she was Velma in Scooby-Doo (2002). I mean, come on!

Also, for good measure, I should mention that James Marsden has the biggest supporting role. He’s equally brilliant in his own charming (most of the time) and douchy (quite a lot of the time) ways. I’ve always liked James Marsden and in Dead to Me he manages to perfectly take a backseat to the brilliant ladies starring. Obviously, while still doing right by his character.

And that’s all I’ll say about him since Dead to Me is all about the brilliance of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

Dead to Me – Season 1 – Review – Netflix

Jen and Judy of Dead to Me

This series works because of Christina Applegate (Jen) and Linda Cardellini (Judy). It’s as simple as that!

Of course, it also works because the characters are well-written and the plot just works. Still, without the wonderful and natural chemistry between Jen and Judy, it would never have worked. With Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini breathing life into these women, everything comes together perfectly.

Also, the dialogue? It is glorious!

Oh yes, sure, there’s lots of swearing. But it doesn’t feel gratuitous. It just feels like that’s the way these characters talk. Especially Christina Applegate’s “Jen Harding” has some very zingy lines that hit hard and precise.

She’s got issues but she’s also well aware of this and deals with it. She “meditates” in her own way to cope!

Watch Season 1 of Dead to Me on Netflix now!

This new Netflix comedy series is absolutely brilliant. The characters are realistic and well-rounded with a downright delicious dialogue.

Liz Feldman created the new Netflix success series and both the directors and writers on Dead to Me are primarily women. This is also quite obvious (in the very best) ways while watching the story unfold. Sure, we got strong female characters, but more importantly, we have real female characters and female friendship in all its glory.

Previously, Liz Feldman has written for other comedy shows. Mostly series with women at the forefront, such as 2 Broke Girls and more than 100 episodes of Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show.

Also, she created the NBC comedy series One Big Happy which starred Elisha Cuthbert as a lesbian and was produced by Ellen DeGeneres. Oh yeah, we have a lot to thank her for.

Unfortunately, One Big Happy only got six episodes before it was canceled. In that sense, Dead to Me is one hell of a comeback!

Womentainment recommendation: Watch Dead to Me on Netflix sooner rather than later!

Obviously, you will get spoilers the more you wait. And while the plot of Dead to Me isn’t the worst to get spoiled, you should still experience it for yourself.

Also, it’s just a matter of time before Season 2 of Dead to Me will be announced.

Season 1 of Dead to Me is on Netflix worldwide now – all 10 episodes were released on May 3, 2019.

Creator: Liz Feldman
Cast: Linda Cardellini | Max Jenkins | Sam McCarthy | Edward Asner | James Marsden | Luke Roessler | Christina Applegate |

Official plot:

A hotheaded widow searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband befriends an eccentric optimist who isn’t quite what she seems.