Want to know more about Womentainment? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Very simply put, Womentainment is our little corner of the Internet where women and entertainment are at the heart of things. 

Womentainment was founded by two women – yes, that’s us in the picture. We’re from Denmark, which just happens to be one of the happiest countries in the world and the origin of “hygge”. 

Our names are Karina H. Adelgaard and Nadja Houmoller and we built this website simply because we could. And because we wanted to, of course. We’ve already had a horror movie website called Heaven of Horror for many years – and continue to run it.

However, we felt the need for a place to write about some of the other movies and TV shows we watch. Especially to highlight movies and TV productions that are female-centered. Or simply productions that are written, directed or produced by women.

Women aren’t exactly highlighted in the entertainment industry through mainstream media – or at any major Award shows for that matter. We feature women at the heart of everything we do, in one sense or another.

Womentainment Team

Womentainment FAQ

We’ve collected a little FAQ, which isn’t actually based on Frequently Asked Questions. Instead, it’s based on questions we expect you would ask. 

Please note, if we notice new questions being asked, we’ll be sure to include them in this nifty FAQ.

Why this focus on women?

Because the default somehow seems to be the male point-of-view which tends to differ from the female (at least when it comes to female-centered or focused stories). Just look at… well, anything female-centered. Ghostbusters from 2016 is an obvious example of how something is attacked simply for being female-centered. We choose to celebrate this instead!

What’s with all the LGBTQ movies and TV shows you review?

Just like the default seems to be male, it’s also very white and straight (and cis-gendered, for that matter). We’re focusing on LGBTQ movies and TV shows that are female-centered, which – at times – both seems like minority niches.

So are you guys gay?

Well, to quote one of our favorite movies Imagine Me & You 

Also, yes, the founders of Womentainment are part of the LGBTQ community. Then again, we’re also founders of a horror website, so we’re pretty eclectic in our interests. 

Do you hate men or something?

Good lord, no! Some of our best friends are male. Also, we have awesome brothers and were raised by wonderful fathers. Basically, we’re pretty damn fond of all the good men in the world.

Is Womentainment just a bunch of feminist SJWs?

First of all, yes. We are definitely feminists since we believe wholeheartedly in gender equality.

Also, Social Justice Warrior (SJW) sounds pretty badass. At times, we probably are. Then again, we just believe in equality, fairness and treating others the way we wish to be treated.

Why are you so positive in your reviews?

We love women and entertainment in unison, so we don’t seek out movies or TV shows we expect to hate. It does still happen, but usually, we’re pretty positive.

Also, we respect and acknowledge the work and passion that went into these productions. That’s something we want to honor by looking at the body of work with an open mind.

How can I get in touch with you?

You are also more than welcome to contact us with any comments or suggestions. If you’re a filmmaker of any kind and want us to review your movie, then please do get in touch with us.