VIGIL Season 2 is finally coming to Peacock, and the BBC series is just as good in its second season. Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie still star in the story and their characters are a couple. Read our VIGIL season 2 review here!

VIGIL Season 2 is finally on Peacock and the BBC series is just as good in its second season. Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie still star in the story and their characters are a couple.

Continue reading our season 2 review of VIGIL below. Find the season on Peacock starting February 15, 2024.

From Scotland to the Middle East

We’re nowhere near any submarine in season 2. Instead, we’re looking at a different kind of crime. One that involves prototype weapons to be used (and sold) by the Air Force.

It all begins when a prototype Air Force combat drone is compromised. Specifically, it’s hacked and taken over by someone who kills several soldiers during a joint demonstration in Scotland. The other participants in the demonstration are representatives of the Kingdom of Wudyan.

This is a fictive place in the Middle East. A country that Scotland works closely with to have a base in the region. It’s also where Amy Silva must travel when her team is tasked with finding the perpetrator.

She heads to the joint (there it is again) Al-Shawka Air Base in the Kingdom of Wudyan. And yes, this fictitious country is supposed to be a controversial ally in the Persian Gulf, which means it isn’t the safest place to be.

Once there, DCI Silva discovers a wider conspiracy. One that centers around a private enterprise in drone development (and weaponry) which is directly tied to the current regime’s collaboration with the British government.

And yes, it does make her investigation very difficult as she is often faced with confidential things.

New characters and cast members in season 2

While there are quite a few of the characters from season 1 in this second season, most of them are newcomers. After all, everyone from the submarine of season 1 is gone. And there are a whole lot of Air Force soldiers in this new season. Fortunately, the cast is still strong!

New cast members in this second season include Dougray Scott (Batwoman), Romola Garai,
Chris Jenks (Sex Education), Shannon Hayes (Years and Years), David Elliot (The Cry), Oscar Salem (House of the Dragon), Nebras Jamali (Hijack), Amir El-Masry (A Haunting in Venice)

In season 2 of Vigil, the crime that Detective Chief Inspector [DCI] Amy Silva wants to solve requires her to leave Scotland. Being very pregnant with their child, Detective Inspector Kirsten Longacre stays in Scotland to investigate other parts of the same crime.

This means they’re still apart a lot, but they are also very much together.

Vigil season 2 – Review – BBC

Silvacre forever!

In case you didn’t know, the official “ship name” of Amy Silva and Kirsten Longacre is Silvacre.

Along with all the other amazing ships like Naomily, Britanna, Calzona, Clexa, Cophine, Avalance, Vauseman, Wayhaught, Avatrice, Petramos, Villaneve, Emisue, Shoni, and Marina – to name just a few (from English-language series) – this is one of my favorite couples.

In season 2, Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) and Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) are now together as officially as can be. They are a couple in every sense of the word and their banter is still great. On a different level now that they are in a committed relationship, which is only good.

Seriously, season 2 of Vigil is every bit as good as I wished and even better than I dared hope. No, there aren’t as many physical scenes with them, but their emotional and romantic moments are so much deeper.

Also, the fact that they’re expecting a child together means their relationship is in a new phase. One where the words “the mother of my child” are uttered in various versions quite a few times. Both to Kirsten, who is carrying their child, and when Amy Silva is talking about her partner.

Along with the words “her wife”, it’s the kind of talk that makes my little gay heart soar!

Watch season 2 of Vigil on Peacock in the US

Moving a lot of the action from a submarine off of the coast of Scotland to an Air Force base in the Middle East makes for a very different kind of series. However, I welcome the change. Obviously, it’s not as claustrophobic, but it’s still very intense and downright scary at times.

Besides, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of Vigil, it’s a very character-driven series. In that sense, it’s more about how Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) and Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) work together as well as with the rest of the characters.

As already mentioned, Silvacre is going strong and it’s interesting to see new sides of them. They are more free and happy but also have a lot more to lose. This becomes a theme in season 2 as they frequently worry a lot more about each other than themselves. Such is love!

Womentainment recommendation: If you like season 1, you’ll love season 2!

While season 1 of Vigil was all about the meet-cute and falling in love – along with the issues with being closeted and not ready to come out – season 2 is all about love.

All while also having an actual thriller and crime mystery plot, of course. The combination is perfect for me. If you liked season 1, then I suspect it will be for you as well.

Season 2 aired on BBC in December 2023, so you’ve probably already heard a lot about it. However, now it’s finally time for you to experience it for yourself. Enjoy getting back with “Silvacre” – and seeing how they solve the crime, of course.

VIGIL season 2 is on Peacock in the US starting February 15, 2024.

Director: Andy De Emmony, Joss Agnew
Writer: Tom Edge (creator), James Smythe, Maryam Hamidi, Ryan O’Sullivan & Matilda Wnek
Cast: Suranne Jones, Rose Leslie, Gary Lewis, Orla Russell, Dougray Scott, Romola Garai, Chris Jenks, Anders Hayward, Shannon Hayes, David Elliot, Oscar Salem, Nebras Jamali, Amir El-Masry

Official plot:

When a prototype Air Force combat drone is compromised and kills several soldiers during a joint demonstration in Scotland, Silva’s team are tasked with finding the perpetrator.