The Why Summer is Women’s Winter video from CollegeHumor made me laugh so hard my headset fell off – Also, I nearly had an asthma attack…

I’ve worked in quite a few offices and can definitely attests to the points being made in this Why Summer is Women’s Winter video. I could leave my house wearing a T-shirt, but would always have a cardigan – and often a scarf – to wear at the office.

Instead of getting dressed to go out for lunch, I would start taking off my extra layers of clothing. Finally, I would be able to enjoy a bit of warmth. Of course, it also did make coming back into the office worse. Afternoons would be spent with plenty of warm coffee – even a hot chocolate on the truly awful days.

its funny cause its true - Karen Walker

At one point, we were three women and one man, in one office and still had to live with the cold. It all ended when – thanks to a stationary fan – we had papers blowing around several times a day. That’s when we decided that there was strength in numbers and shut it down!

Anyway, enjoy a glimpse of how it feels when summer is women’s winter. Oh, and I lost control of my headset and my breathing around the 2:15 mark…

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