If you’re not watching Bob’s Burgers, then you missing out on the awesome character of Tina Belcher

Or actually, even though Tina Belcher is special, they’re all awesome characters. Everyone in the Belcher family has quirks and personality that often goes deeper than many sitcoms. I mean, the live action, living and breathing kind of character. But before this turns into some kind of “I love Bob’s Burgers” story, we better get back on track.

There are many reasons why Tina Belcher should be your spirit animal, but after much consideration – and some intense bargaining – we’ve decided on a Top 7.

So, without any further ado, here you go:

Top 7 reasons Tina Belcher should be your Spirit Animal

#1 – She is always keeping it real

Tina Belcher - Keeping it realTina Belcher - I'm no hero

#2 – She can always find a way to pay someone a compliment

Tina Belcher - I like your hairLinda Belcher

#3 – She’s very fond of LGBTQ representation

Bob's BurgersTina Belcher - LGBT

#4 – She’s awesome and she knows it (well, most of the time anyway)

Tina Belcher - Confidence

#5 – She is always ready with some words of wisdom for you…

Tina Belcher - Words of WisdomTina Belcher - Words of Wisdom

#6 – She is intensely honest – especially with herself

Tina Belcher - Dear Diary HonestyTina Belcher - Dear Diary Honesty
Tina Belcher - Dear Diary HonestyTina Belcher - Dear Diary Honesty

#7 – She would never kink shame anyone. In fact, she’d probably just have really honest and relevant questions for you.

Tina Belcher - no kink shameTina Belcher - zombie love

And there you have it, seven perfectly good reasons why this girl is all kinds of amazing.

Are you ready to accept Tina Belcher as your spirit animal yet?

Otherwise, here’s a little thought-starter for you to get into the right mindset:

Tina Belcher - asking the real questions