AM I OK? is on Max and this Late-Bloomer Lesbian Comedy is pure gold. It shows friendship and self-discovery in the most heartfelt and funny ways. An instant classic for me. Read our full Am I OK? movie review here!

AM I OK? first premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and now it is finally getting a wide release on Max. Perfectly timed with Pride Month. Even if it is more than two years after its initial premiere. But hey, just like the main character of this movie, sometimes coming out can take a little longer.

And, trust me, you do not want to miss out on this one. I expected that I would enjoy it, but I wasn’t ready to fall head-over-heels in love with the damn thing. Everyone is great in this, but Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno were simply perfect!

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Better late than never

The story of AM I OK? is all about Lucy (Dakota Johnson) and Jane (Sonoya Mizuno). The two are best friends and spend time together every day. They are integrated parts of each other’s lives and even Jane’s boyfriend, Danny (Jermaine Fowler), seems to be fine with essentially being in a throuple.

No, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing romantic or physical going on between Lucy and the straight couple. Especially as Lucy has never been in love and doesn’t feel like it’s in the cards for her. Seeing her with a male friend – who clearly wants to be more, though he is charming about it – is a huge hint as to why.

When Jane is offered a promotion at work that will have her moving to her native London, Lucy’s world is thrown into turmoil. Being faced with this huge challenge forces Lucy to recognize something about herself; The reason she isn’t connecting with any of the men she meets is because she isn’t interested in them.

In fact, she is coming to the realization that she is gay. Now, don’t worry, this is a comedy, so you won’t be getting a tragic coming-out story.

AM I OK? – Review | Late-Bloomer Lesbian Comedy

The power of friendship

As much as this is a coming-out story (and it really is), the main “coming out” story happens to Lucy herself. Coming out to the rest of the world isn’t a big deal. In this late-bloomer story, Lucy is mostly upset that it took her until her 30s to realize that she’s gay.

Jane, on the other hand, sees it as a project. She wants to find someone for Lucy and pushes her friend to get out of her comfort zone. Even pushes a little too hard, which puts a strain on their friendship. Though really, it’s the whole moving to London ordeal that’s stressing them both out.

To me, the coming out story is wonderful and heartfelt in a very sweet and organic way. I loved everything about it – even the things that don’t work out like in a romantic comedy.

However, it’s the friendship between Lucy and Jane that made this movie sing. The chemistry between Dakota Johnson (Madame Web, Don’t Worry Darling) and Sonoya Mizuno (Civil War, Devs, Ex-Machina) is pure perfection. They are tough on one another and know all the strengths and weaknesses of the other. The dialogue between them is wild and natural and so funny.

I absolutely loved their relationship. In fact, usually, a friendship like theirs would make me wish that they would hook up, but they are so good as friends that it didn’t even make sense. Also, Jermaine Fowler (Sting) was perfect in their platonic throuple setting, so it didn’t make sense.

Even if it did in Imagine Me & You which remains an all-time favorite movie of mine. In fact, the friendship between Luce (Lena Headey) and her best friend in that movie – which incidentally resulted in the iconic “Am I gay? I’m ecstatic!” line – reminded me of Lucy and Jane in this one.

Watch AM I OK? on Max

This heartwarming and hilarious comedy comes from co-directors (and wives) Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne. If you’ve read the above, I doubt it will come as any surprise that I am hoping for a lot more projects from them!

The screenwriter is Lauren Pomerantz (Ellen) who is also a producer. And yes, I desperately want more screenplays from her as well. Dakota Johnson is also a producer on this film, which I love to see. And the two directors, of course. Tig Notaro also has a cameo as a meditation guide of sorts. A short but great scene!

I also have to mention that alongside Dakota Johnson, Sonoya Mizuno, and Jermaine Fowler, we are getting a stellar supporting cast with this movie. From Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) as Jane’s boss to Kiersey Clemons (Sweetheart) as a gay awakening for Lucy. Also, Molly Gordon (Booksmart, Shiva Baby) has a fun role as Jane’s colleague and friend.

Everything about AM I OK? just worked for me. If we had more movies like this one, I truly believe the world would be a better place. It just speaks to that part of you that wants to do and be better. Even if you have to go down a few wrong paths before landing on the right one for you.

Womentainment Recommendation

Be ready to fall in love with this movie!

It’s not often that I get all warm and fuzzy feelings from a movie, but AM I OK? gave me just that. From the late-bloomer lesbian story to the wonderful friendship portrayed, I was hooked.

The runtime is just 1 hour and 26 minutes, which is both perfect and not nearly long enough. Whenever you’re left wanting more, it’s usually a very good sign!

AM I OK? debuts on Max on Thursday, June 6, 2024. 

Directors: Tig Notaro & Stephanie Allynne
Writer: Lauren Pomerantz
Stars: Dakota Johnson, Sonoya Mizuno, Jermaine Fowler, Kiersey Clemons, Molly Gordon, Sean Hayes, Tig Notaro

Official plot:

Lucy and Jane have been best friends for most of their lives and think they know everything there is to know about each other. But when Jane announces she’s moving to London, Lucy reveals a long-held secret. As Jane tries to help Lucy, their friendship is thrown into chaos.